Science Center

An independent science centre operates for the students with programs that promote joyful learning and encourage a positive attitude towards science. 

Our classroom learning programs are hands-on and activity-based, which helps students to apply their knowledge more effectively and learn better.

Chhote Scientists Program is currently run through the center in collaboration with Educational Activities & Research Center,Jnanaprabodhini Pune

Chhote Scientists Program

 Since 2022 this program has been powerfully operational in collaboration with E.A.R.C. Jnanaprabodhini, in which we are working for science popularisation in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad city at the beginning; later on, it will be scaled up in all the districts of Maharashtra and other states.

SG Workshop

This program lasts for three months and includes massive engagement of college youths towards the execution of the program voluntarily.

The program objectives are 

1) To improve understanding of science concepts through. Enquiry-based learning.

2) To provide an opportunity for all the students to perform hands-on experiments to understand science concepts better.

3) To habituate students to apply science book knowledge into daily life. 

SG Workshops

Stages of the program implementation.

1) Selection of Science Facilitators from the reputed local colleges

2) Skill and Content Training

3) Classroom Placement 

4) Monitoring Impact (Pre Test & Post Test)

Volunteerism has played a vital role in providing quality education to students from different socio-cultural and economic backgrounds since the organization's formation, and this is the soul of this program.

During the cycle of three months, teaching leadership, passionate and empathetic college students take on the role of Science facilitator in an assigned school. They deliver six theme-based workshops to the same classroom.

This program emphasizes hands-on learning and encourages active participation in workshops. Additionally, it places significant importance on integrating leadership values into teaching practices.

The most rewarding aspect of our organization is creating positive learning experiences for our participating members and offering lifelong opportunities for leadership development and growth.

SG Workshop

Over the past year, a team of 20 facilitators positively impacted over 500 students across three schools. This year, the team plans to expand their reach to 15 schools in Pune and P.C.M.C. City, with 300 facilitators aiming to impact 3000 students.