Virtual Learning Center

Finding a solution to the need for more quality education in rural areas on a large scale may seem daunting, but technology can help bridge this gap. Our Virtual Learning Center aims to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas by providing access to quality education and promoting student development.

SG Classroom

In July 2020, the Virtual Learning Center was established as a solution to the challenges caused in the education system due to the  Covid-19 pandemic. 

Through extensive research and testing, a student hybrid learning platform was created and is currently operating efficiently.

As a core objective, the virtual mentoring program aims to provide skill-based academic and socio-emotional learning to students from technology-enabled rural and semi-urban areas.

Improving access to quality education in rural areas will help bridge the gap between rural and urban communities and establish a foundation for educational equity.

We aim to enhance the student learning experience, increasing student engagement in the learning process. We encourage skill-based safe classroom practices that help students learn independently and in-depth. Additionally, our mentors support each student to apply what they have learned.

Student learning applications should result from their classroom experience, while reflecting on eight fundamental leadership values should be the outcome of their leadership development

VLC Program Structure (3)

Conducting a virtual teaching-learning program can be challenging. Still, our team has mastered the necessary skills to enhance student outcomes and provide a seamless mentoring experience to the youths within the organization.

Up to this point, the program has impacted 1298  students from various regions in Maharashtra.; Soon, the project will expand to cover other areas in Maharashtra and throughout India.