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Shikshanganga is a registered non-profit organization under Indian Public Trust Act 1950  & Societies Registration Act 1860 founded in 2020 as the Be The Change Project under Teach For India.

An passionate  alumnus of Teach For India. Pune  played a crucial role in shaping the organization's direction. His social sector experience and involvement in the Global Shapers Community (a World Economic Forum Initiative)  journey influenced the organization's approach.

The organization's primary goal is to develop empathetic professional leaders for India who will also serve as exemplary global citizens. They aim to achieve this by channelizing global knowledge, resources, innovation, and technology to the grassroots level. Initially, organisation operated entirely voluntarily but gradually transitioned to a blended/hybrid mode.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Shikshanganga seized the opportunity to support rural schools struggling to provide learning opportunities to their students. program of organisation prioritize safety, equity, inclusivity, deep empathy, high professional character, and socio-professional leadership in their operations.

By nurturing every participant as a changemaker, whether a student or fellow, we aims to empower individuals to become empathetic professional leaders. They aspire to cultivate the qualities necessary to excel in their careers and positively impact their communities. Through transformative experiences, mentorship, and guidance, the organization fosters a generation of leaders who will shape a better future for India and the world.

Our Committed Leadership Team

Passion ,Compassion & Commitment

Mandatory Disclosures (Registration & Recognitions)

Societies Registration Act 1860 - Mah/682/2021 (Pune)

Indian Public Trust  Act 1950 -  F- 58183 (Pune)

NITI Aayog Registration (NGO Darpan) -  MH/2022/0316425

Tax Exemption Available for  Indian Donors  Under Section 80G of Income Tax